This was me when my great-niece Ashley gifted me with an N-95 Mask.

I am still learning how to post my Blog, so I don’t have to disturb my wonderful Webmasters. A girl gotta learn what a girl gotta do right? I wasn’t going to post today, but then decided that millions of you were waiting to hear from me, so here I am. Okay, okay, waxing the hyperbole a little bit. But if each of your share this blog ten times. Wow. LOL. Kinda reminds me of the Sunday Morning Mama Stories, which became the basis of my book, TennyBoots! The Memoir. So here I am. It’s almost a normal Sunday. Spring weather, the Sun is gracing us with its face right now. I’ve been looking out the window, trying to absorb some of that all-important vitamin D that bolsters immune systems for respiratory infections. See Here.

Last Night I partied for hours with upwards of 100,000 people. Everybody and their Mamas were there. Well, not Impotus, thank goodness. But the contenders were there, Biden and Sanders, and forever Flotus, Michelle O, and the music royalty, and common folks, even Stevie Wonder and Zuckerberg, the FB guy. We danced the night away. What say you? You foolish, N-95 mask-cladded “elderly”!!!! Has cabin fever forced you to lose your mind? Not quite. I was partying by invitation of my daughter, on Instagram, courtesy of DJ D-Nice, who while sheltering in home alone decided to do what he does best—throw a party. My daughter and 150 others joined in on Instagram Live on the first day. Five days later, on Saturday night, 105,000 of us joined him. I danced, sang, became infected with D-Nice’s child-like wonderment and joy at all the notables who were tuning in. I managed to clean the living room and get a ton of exercise too. I have zero shame when it comes to dancing alone. I am a Joe’s pub alumni from the 90s where I danced the night away in my 40s with the 20 something crowd. No shame at all to my game. Anyway, D-Nice is spinning as we speak and there are 145,000 of us at the party. I will clean the dining room today while dancing away. Hoping you find something that you can do while on “Pause”. the silly name that Cuomo has given this period because deBlasio said “Sheltering In” first. Whatever you call it, stay in, distance yourself and drink warm beverages, or gargle several times each day.

Do you have your mask yet? I posted my YouTube on how to make T-Shirt Masks. Lop off the bottom of a T-Shirt. Slit the side. Cut it into 31-inch strips; fold in half, lengthwise; measure off 9 inches for your face. From the end that’s not folded, cut three evenly spaced strips into the material to the 9-inch point. Shake it out and try it on. Chin first, tie the first strips above your head as if you lived in the 20s in a rural area and you had a bad toothache. Then, bring the balance of the mask over your nose and mouth and tie the other straps behind your head. Voila, you are masked. Cut a patch of the T-shirt material to make your mask double-ply. Wash them after use.

And if you are handy, go one better. Make a bunch of masks and donate them to your hospital or health services center. My friend was inspired and made 8 of them yesterday. If I know her she will have made 100 by today. Her nephew has been employed and set up with a sewing machine, so production is in full force. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? We have to help ourselves.

In Production
Voila, Custom Made 2-ply Mask

Instructions for making this type of mask is here:

Oh my goodness. I just saw a video where bras were repurposed into bespoke masks. Folks are getting creative. Old plastic sheets are making face masks. We can help to keep our hospital workers safe.

Well, that’s it for today. Like Frankie Crocker used to say, “May each of you lives to be 100… ” Be sensible, keep your wits about you and I will check in with you tomorrow. God willin’ and the creek don’ rise. Mama would say, ” I ain’t afraid of no ‘Rona. This shit all happened before… ” I’m imbibing Mama’s confidence as told in her own words in TennyBoots! The Memoir.